Ways to Win with K-Town!

#1 – Win nightly prizes! These prizes are always provided by the bar or hosting venue. So show them some LOVE for all that they do for us!!!
#2 – Win a sessions finals at one of the participating locations!
#3 – Successfully complete the K-Town challenge! (See details below)
#4 – Enter into our quarterly tournament and win! It’s held at the end of every quarter. You can be entered by winning 1st place at any of our Texas Holdem games, for 40 or more players we will grant two entries. *The prize pool is $500. The next quarterly tournament is in March 31, 2019 at Hexagon Brewing Company. Details to be confirmed.

The K-Town Challenge

From 1/1/2019 - 3/31/2019. If you reach ALL 6 of the following goals, you win $100 cash! Applies to K-Town Texas Holdem games only unless otherwise noted. In order to receive credit for any of the challenges a K-Town Tournament Director MUST see the hand. Other exclusions and rules apply.

1 - Straight flush

2 – Quads

3 - Win with king - nine (Both cards in your hand are required)

4 - Win with king high

5 - Get first place in a tournament

6 - Win with kings full

**Limited to 2 - $100 prizes per quarter. Other rules and exclusions may apply.